Ticketing:  All ticketing is handled by ticketweb.com.

Is there any other way to buy tickets? No


There are three types of seating:

1. Single level cars ( seats do NOT flip)

2. Double decker cars , downstairs

3. Double decker cars, upstairs. Please note. Santa does not go upstairs ( he doesn't fit, too many cookies!). The Conductors do go upstairs to punch your tickets, and the elves hand out bells. Hot chocolate and cookies are handed up as well.

While the entertainment takes place entirely downstairs, the upstairs seating gives a very nice overview without being in  the middle of everything.

Single level cars ( seats do NOT flip)

Double decker cars , downstairs

Double decker cars, upstairs

Type of seating: you may choose which of type of seat you desire but this is NOT a guarantee. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Once I board the train can I change my seat? No. Each car  has a crew member who seats all passengers. Please be courteous as they have many hundreds of people to put on the train in a short time. We seat you in the order you board, from the front of the section to the rear, no exceptions. We will do our best to accommodate your families needs during the boarding process.

Handicapped accessibility:  Our equipment is from the 1950's and is not handicapped equipped. that being said, we do everything possible to assist our guests. We have one car that has space to secure wheel chairs and if notified in advance we will arrange to have your family sit in this area.

Wheel Chairs: the train is not wheel chair accessible. We have space on the train for your wheel chair and dedicated seating for your family , but, you must be able to navigate three moderately steep stairs into the train. the wheelchair must be the light portable type.

Golf Cart: for the elderly and handicapped we have a gold cart available to bring you down the hill from the ticket booth to the train.

Trip length in time : One hour forty minutes
Departure point: 99 Elizabeth Street Phillipsburg NJ 08865
How early should I arrive: Due to remote parking and the need to take shuttle buses we strongly suggest you are AT LEAST 40 minutes early. All trips sell out so we most probably can not seat you on a later train.
What happens on the train? The train is beautifully decorated and you will enjoy the story of the Polar Express read very audibly over our speaker system, all choreographed with the Polar Express music from the movie. Hot Chocolate and Cookies are served to every CHILD ( its their day!). Santa boards the train and visits the children along with his elves and each child receives a bell ( the first gift of Christmas) from Santa.
Can we take pictures with Santa? Yes you may on your own, or, make use of our professional photographers who make available ( at a charge) beautiful color pictures of your family and Santa.
Are trips cancelled due to weather? No, only in a government posted State Of Emergency.
Refunds: There are none.
Peanuts: it must be assumed that the cookies have or have been made in a factory that contains nuts.
Hot chocolate type: The hot chocolate we use is Swiss Miss. Please contact them with contents inquires.
Hot chocolate: Kids first! Due to the fact that we are serving over 400 people a trip, we will serve the children first ( after all the trip is for them!). If you are a parent and you are wearing PJ's we will serve you Hot chocolate upon request.
Groups: We will do everything possible to accommodate groups, BUT, this is quite difficult. Please inform us via email ( contact link above) of any groups over 15. To sit together you must be EARLY, ALL TOGETHER, and IN THE FRONT OF THE LINE. Additionally, YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS TOGETHER AND BOARD TOGETHER TO SIT TOGETHER.
Once again, arrive early and board all together.
ow do we get our tickets? We DO NOT mail tickets. You simply bring your emailed receipt to the ticket office the day of the trip to retrieve your tickets.
Baby Seats: these are NOT allowed on the train as you would never want to hold one on your lap for 1.5 hours. Lap Sitters are just that, a child on your lap.
Lap Sitters: A lap sitter is under 2 years of age and MUST sit on your lap for the entire trip. this is intended for infants.
Exchanges: due to the fact that each trip sells out, there is no way we can exchange your tickets for another trip. Please make sure when you enter the dates and times that they are correct, and check with family BEFOREHAND to make sure there are no schedule conflicts. We also recommend having at least 2 dates/times ready in case your first choice is sold out.
Group discounts : There are no group discounts for Polar Express. When ordering tickets for several families it is best if 1 person takes the lead and orders for the entire group, that way you are guaranteed to all have tickets for the same trip. If you order early and another in your party tries later, and the trip is sold out, we cannot switch you or them into another trip. Also, once you get to the station and get your tickets, make sure the group leader informs one of the station platform attendants that your group is here, and the number of people in your group, so we can help you all board and sit together.